Ritz-Carlton Maldives – Embrace the Circle of Island Life

The constant search for new stimuli, adventures and iconic places marks the life of a traveler like me. I am increasingly aware that when we think we have seen everything, or almost, there is always something that comes along to tell us that we are wrong, the world is a wonderful place where the imagination of some brilliant minds seems to have no limits!

The previous paragraph brings us to the wonderful The Ritz-Carlton, Fari Islands Maldives, after a few dozen visits to the country, I continue to find places that completely surprise me, unique stories designed to make us dream, and return time and time again, This is one of the great tricks of special places, stimulating the desire to return, the ability to dream without limits and to surprise even the most experienced traveller, thank you The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, to say the least it was spectacular.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives is located in the “North Malé Atoll”, approximately 45 minutes by speedboat from the international airport. The transfer is of great quality and comfort, we can immediately understand that we are heading to a special place, where nothing is left to chance in order to make us feel like we are in paradise. At the “Arrival Lounge” we are received by a welcome team and to the sound of the “Sangu Conch Shell”, a tradition in the Maldives, we also meet our “Aris Meeha” the Butler who will accompany us throughout the experience, “Aris Meeha ” means “important, close person” and that is exactly what we receive with this service, a personal guide that accompanies us throughout the Resort experience. The first Buggy ride confirms the best expectations, 1.8km long spread over 3 islands connected by bridges, lush greenery that is extremely well cared for, good taste in every detail, and an extraordinary team that takes care of every detail of this great Resort.

The Villas, with an award-winning design, are mostly circular in shape, “Embrace the Circle of Island Life” and are extraordinary. We stayed in a Beach Pool Villa, with direct access to a white sand beach, stunning and uninterrupted views of the immense ocean, possible due to a modern and minimalist design, which includes an infinity pool, showers, rest areas and outdoor decks, and in our case, the most beautiful sunrise ever! The level of comfort, luminosity, design, natural beauty and service made villa 220 and The Ritz-Carlton Maldives one of my favorite places ever, a perfect combination, in the perfect time and place, which made me win a of the most precious assets of the modern era, time, for myself and for those around me.

The gastronomic journey…

There are seven bars and restaurants, the diversity offers us everything from the best Italian coffee to Cantonese tapas, including the best that Maldivian and international cuisine has to offer. At LA LOCANDA, in addition to the fabulous breakfast, we find the best flavors of Italy. From the smell of the rich aroma of coffee in the morning, we move on to lunch and dinner where we are transported to Italy, perhaps Venice with whom we share the water effect (the restaurant was built under water)… due to the rich flavors, high quality ingredients, the pasta and obviously, the staff! The Summer Pavilion, a restaurant where Cantonese food is the star, an intimate space overlooking the lagoon, with 40 seats and where tapas-style sharing is the trend. It has an extensive range of teas and wines, as well as signature dishes, including fried lobster and sweet and sour chicken. We all have our favorites, and the Japanese restaurant IWAU was one of ours, in a loose translation “IWAU” means to celebrate or pay homage and that is exactly what we feel, a tribute to Japanese cuisine.

The “Chef’s Table” experience under the stars, with creative seafood and fresh meat dishes, complemented by a wide selection of Japanese teas that we loved! Being at a table with your feet in the sand is always a “must”, and at Beach Shack that’s what we find, directly on the beach and close to the water, we have a family beach club with the best of Mediterranean flavors, grilled fish, fruits, cocktails and delicious desserts. At the end of the day DJ on duty, entertainment for themed dinners. One of the busiest places on the island! The late afternoon invites you to visit the EAU BAR, a relaxed atmosphere and place for the Sunset ritual, one of the activities/events that we cannot miss on our visit. We missed visiting the Arabesque restaurant and TUM Tum, two more reasons, in addition to so many others, to return to The Ritz-Carlton Maldives as soon as possible!

The Family

The Ritz_carlton Madives, Fari Islands, also means family, the Ritz Kidz is an oasis for the little ones, it’s difficult to get them out of there, the sports facilities are excellent, as is the social room for teenagers. Families have a multitude of options available, starting with bicycles (the main means of transport on the island) and going on to include cooking classes, photo sessions, diving and sunset tours, as well as multiple sporting and recreational activities, on the beach and in specialized facilities.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa

A spectacular piece of architecture by Kerry Hill Architects, but above all an oasis of tranquility in the center of the immense lagoon, which allows you to incorporate the water element in all its fullness. The feeling of calm, disconnection and well-being is immediate, 9 rooms measuring 60m2 with names aligned with the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang energies. The Bamford brand signs the treatments (organic and focused on sustainability). The Bamford Spa menu is full of products of natural origin, a high percentage of which are certified by the Earth and Therapies Association, which takes into account the earth’s connection with the natural world. The signature massage, with coconut oil, was one of the highlights of the visit to The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, a moment of connection and disconnection, a wonderful journey in one of the most spectacular Spas on the planet.

Final verdict?

Take a deep breath, embrace the circle and harmony of life “on the island” and let yourself be carried away by one of the best experiences I’ve had to date. The Ritz-Carlton Maldives has all the ingredients I look for in a place of excellence, starting with its people, the soul of every place, the location in my Maldives, the award-winning design, a perfect fusion between tradition and sophistication that enchants me, Ritz-Carlton comfort and service in all its splendor, with award-winning cuisine and attention to detail that frees us up for the good things in life, smiles and emotions, and we always want to return to the places that leave an impression on us and make us smile, right?

By Edgar Correia

INFO: www.ritzcarlton.com

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