Quinta de Sant’Ana – Family Wine Estate

Quinta de Sant’Ana is a charming family space that dates back to the 17th century. The owners, Ann and James Frost, made this their home and created a retreat for wine lovers, good food and relaxation. A discreet wine tourism paradise at the gates of Lisbon, surrounded by nature, where comfort reigns and where every detail is a hymn to the land, the vineyards and everything they represent in its purest essence.

We left Lisbon and in just over half an hour we arrived in Gradil, in the municipality of Mafra. Along the way, the landscape changes, and our state of mind follows this transformation, finding a subtle tranquility. The entrance to the Quinta reveals its own identity and you can see that there is a lot of work and dedication here. The property was initially acquired by Ann’s father and later, in 1999, passed to the couple: “Quinta de Sant’Ana has been our life for the last thirty years, we have dedicated our soul and heart to it. It has been a wonderful experience, which we would not have wanted any differently!”, confesses Ann Frost, who together with her husband has managed this property that attracts visitors from all over the world, who choose this unique and romantic space to celebrate special events, mostly weddings, but also companies and individuals.

It was a rainy, gray day outside but the comfort and warm welcome from the team instantly made the day seem brighter. We are directed to Casa da Vinha, one of five family houses available to guests. As we settle in, we feel that any worries and distractions are at the door, a natural desire to “switch off” and enter a truly relaxed mode in this rural cocoon. Inside, three spacious bedrooms with king size double beds, three private bathrooms (with shower cabin and bathtub) and a fully equipped kitchen with welcome amenities on the counter and refrigerator. Outside, private parking and a privileged view of the vineyards, with the sky as far as the eye can see. The decor is elegant and relaxed, in a soft color palette, very comfortable, with rural pieces, beautiful natural flower arrangements and large shutters that let in rays of light.

Every corner within these historic houses was carefully designed to be useful and pleasant in itself and all the service also reflects this same convenience. After a good night’s sleep, breakfast is delivered daily at home in a picnic basket full of local delicacies: fresh bread, natural juice, yogurt with granola, fruit and homemade cake. The table is set in the garden and we enjoy this moment of pleasure overlooking the rural landscape, a real treat that makes us smile first thing in the morning, in a setting that invites us to slow down and relax.

During the afternoon, we were able to carry out a Wine Tasting where the winemaker leads a guided tour of the vineyards, cellar, barrel room, 17th century chapel (which withstood the great Lisbon earthquake), as well as tasting a selection of wines, white and red, accompanied by a magnificent cheese board, with seasoned olives, dried fruits, toasts and gourmet tapas. Organic products are an integral part of the Quinta and give a unique flavor to the palate.

Executive Chef Rui Borges is in charge of the Quinta’s entire gastronomic concept and is also responsible for preparing private dinners that can be organized and served in the comfort of our home. This memorable experience began with a crispy Seaweed amuse bouche with shrimp, followed by Cod carpaccio with orange coulis, olive oil and coriander. The main dishes included Turbot with crab and horseradish sauce and Suckling pig belly confit with sweet potato and orange chutney. We finished sublimely with a Ferrero Rocher cheesecake with Baileys cream. A creative menu, full of flavors and textures that pleases the most demanding palates, served with organic products and Quinta’s wine pairing.

Only one word can describe our experience: memorable. For the charm and good feeling that this short visit gave us and that left us with a great desire to return. Quinta de Sant’Ana is much more than a beautiful example of wine tourism in Portugal, it is a family home that invites you to enjoy a slow pace in a perfect romantic setting.

By Carla Branco | Fotos Carla Branco, Hugo Coelho, The Framers

INFO: www.quintadesantana.com

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