Marrakech – The berber exoticism

Marrakech is the heart of Morocco, a fascinating and exotic city, full of culture, history and beauty. A new world that opens up to the discovery of a people with an easy smile and who welcome us with open arms. Jemaa el-Fna Square is the main point of the city, where everything and everyone meets, with an epic life and a whirl that takes on an even greater dimension at nightfall. We let ourselves be surprised by the snake charmers, storytellers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and food vendors. It is a truly unique sensory experience.

We follow the path and walk through the narrow alleys of the ancient Medina where the aroma of spices dances in the air. Through the labyrinths of colorful souks, where hand-woven carpets tell stories, our eyes wander in all directions and chase the high-pitched sound of motorbikes that pass by in a constant whirl. The Medina of Marrakech is full of shops, bazaars, restaurants and artisans and there is a lot of desire to buy: carpets, spices, handicrafts or jewelry.

The city is full of imposing palaces and gardens such as the Bahia Palace, known for its Moorish architecture and beautiful gardens. Here silence speaks loudly and each tile has a hidden secret. The Majorelle Gardens are also an unmissable attraction with exotic plants and vibrant blue architecture, a symbol of the city. It is as if in this enchanted blue, nature and art embraced to form a pact.

Moroccan cuisine is one of my favorites in the world. Nothing like a good tagine, couscous, pastilla, and a variety of sweets and teas that are a delight. Everywhere we are offered tea and this form of hospitality is truly warm and puts us at ease, we feel welcome. Some local restaurants offer live traditional music shows with lots of entertainment and in the street markets we find a spectacular culinary diversity where there is never a shortage of good bread (baked in traditional street ovens) and natural juices.

A visit to a traditional hamam is an experience that I highly recommend, it is relaxing and part of the local culture. Hamams are public baths where visitors can enjoy steam baths, exfoliation and massages, following ancient traditions. Moroccans perform this type of treatment at least once a week and I can easily understand why. Time passes slowly and the water and steam caress our skin. In the end we feel rejuvenated!

If available, a tour to the Sahara desert is something to consider. It can be done through a simple camel ride or with accommodation in Berber camps, a unique opportunity to observe the starry sky in the desert where the soul is free and faithful.

Marrakech is the city of dreams and magic, where charm transcends time and space. The movement and noise can be felt in every street, but when deep night falls, and the warm colors in the sky disappear, you can feel the tranquility and vision of Moroccan culture. An invitation to travel, an eternal hug.

By Carla Branco


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