Montebelo Vista Alegre – Lisboa Chiado Hotel

It is located in the heart of Lisbon, right in the center of the Chiado neighborhood, and is the latest addition to the Montebelo Hotels & Resorts chain, part of the Visabeira Group. The rehabilitation of this old mansion, former headquarters of Vista Alegre in Lisbon, now converted into a five-star hotel, was achieved perfectly, combining art, design, sophistication and elegance.

The Montebelo Vista Alegre Lisboa Chiado Hotel is an excellent city retreat that invites you to enjoy the best the city has to offer – a walk along the Tagus River or Pombalina Downtown, surrounded by art galleries, centuries-old cafes, museums, theaters, bars, restaurants and shops. A place where art, design and hospitality combine to create a truly different experience.

Right at the entrance, in the lobby, the porcelain installation, complemented by two original Vista Alegre lamps, allows a first encounter with the art mirrored throughout the building, but it is the palace’s long staircase that quickly demands our attention and seduces us along the various floors until we reach a skylight that floods the interior with Lisbon’s famous light. Throughout the building we are treated to works of art by Vista Alegre artisans, who carefully hand-painted new original works from existing porcelain pieces of art.

The 58 rooms and suites are divided into three wings that represent different themes that give it its own personality. The Flores Street wing, with floral motifs, the Alecrim Street wing, where each room has a scent of rosemary, complemented with other natural elements and the Barão de Quintela wing, which has larger rooms decorated with works in Vista Alegre biscuit porcelain, including the master suite with ceilings decorated in original stucco.

In the morning, breakfast takes place between two cozy rooms overlooking Lisbon with local products and Portuguese sweets. The surrounding decor in warm tones creates a comfortable atmosphere, with sofas and reduced lighting. Dinner is served in the hotel’s restaurant. Ponja Cocina Nikkei belongs to the Spanish group Quispe, which after Madrid, makes its debut in Lisbon with the opening of this new and sophisticated space. An elegant and contemporary decor, where once again Vista Alegre is present in the decor and at the table, with personalized crockery and cutlery. Nikkei gastronomy, a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, gains a new life with a varied offer. Highlight for the Gyozas stuffed with crab and yellow aji, Classic cebiche, Sautéed Nikkei loin, Makis, Gunkan, Nigiris and the tempting desserts Lucuma Cheesecake and Cherimoya Lime Suspiro.

Montebelo Vista Alegre Lisboa Chiado is a boutique hotel that rewards art and good taste. A differentiating space with a connection to heritage and history in one of the most noble areas of the city, where comfort and hospitality are evident in all of the group’s units and where we always want to return.

By Carla Branco


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