Pensão Amor – 12 years breaking taboos

On November 19th, Pensão Amor celebrates its 12th anniversary, but the celebrations begin on the 17th, with shows and surprises to break taboos. On Sunday, the 19th, there are visits to the great “Mural without Moral”, the work of art that now occupies the building’s five floors of stairs, guided by the author Nuno Saraiva and you can take a look at some rooms at Madam’s Lodge, the new themed hotel dedicated to history of prostitution in Cais do Sodré. The party also features shibari workshops, impact play for spanking and pole dance fans. “Fucking Tabus” is the motto to celebrate the dozen years and features shows by resident artists and special guests, from the famous Berlin collective Pinky Promise. A party that promises to make The Pink Street even brighter. Free entry to all events, guided tours and workshops upon prior registration on Pensão Amor’s Instagram.

Twelve years of breaking taboos, celebrating individual freedom and promoting love. To celebrate, Pensão Amor starts on the 17th with a special program. From 9:30 pm on Friday, you can give free rein to your desires to be submissive or dominant with the help of a dominatrix, watch pole dance shows with the well-known teacher Marina Mey and her students or the hilarious Mary Poppers and Kiki Milano, known as Decadent Cocktail Queens.

On Saturday 18th, also from 9:30 pm, the party continues and Rosy and Connor, two of the artists from the Berlin collective Pinky Promise, enter the scene, invited to share their philosophy of exploring without taboos and healing our sexuality in a fun way. Rosy Pendlebaby is a burlesque artivist who supports Body Positive and Conor Aphilia, a Shibari master, is promoting a workshop on the art of pleasure with ropes on Sunday the 19th. This is the first of three one-hour workshops, which begin at 3 pm. In addition to Shibari, where participants can discover some ways to play safely with ropes, there are also Impact Play and Pole Dance workshops for beginners with Marina Mey. Dominatrix Adreena Angela hosts the Impact Play workshop, where she will share how much she knows about spanking, flogging and how to use a flogger. 

Adreena, leader in the Londrina kink community, discusses the importance of communication, negotiation and consent in any BDSM scene, and will demonstrate techniques for safe and pleasurable Impact Play. The workshops require prior registration on Pensão Amor’s Instagram and have limited places. Just like the guided tours by illustrator Nuno Saraiva, author of “Mural sem Moral” which now occupies every space, from the entrance to the fifth floor. Also scheduled from 3 pm, lasting half an hour, they are an opportunity to learn about this artist’s work and how he interpreted Mainside’s latest project, a bold themed accommodation that now occupies the entire building and where it is possible to discover many of the secrets of the prostitutes, who occupied this pension until 1963, when Salazar banned prostitution in Portugal. Comic book author and well-known illustrator for newspapers such as Expresso, Público or Time Out, Nuno Saraiva will showcase the characters he immortalized on the wall through the storytelling of Roger Mor, author of the stories portrayed in each room, which can be discovered through of museum pieces, unusual objects and messages. Madam’s Lodge, the name chosen for this immersive experience, has 22 rooms, each with its own character. Some of the rooms will have their doors open during guided tours, to show what bohemian life was like in Lisbon 60 years ago.

12 years of Pensão Amor deserve 12 hours of celebration, on Sunday, the 19th. Until 3 am, the Pensão’s resident artists, the Portuguese collectives Voix de Ville, the Laboratório and the guest artists from Pinky Promise, Rosy Pendlebaby, the pole dance artist Robyn Robin and South African contortionist Jade Lee.

Pinky Promise is a community of ethical hedonists, responsible for the famous Pleasure Parlor parties in London and Berlin, which promote campaigns and workshops to delve deeper into themes involving pleasure, sensuality, shame, sexuality and the creative communication of desires. Wherever they go, they create spaces of freedom for the fullest expression of ourselves. Inclusion, diversity, respect and consent are at the heart of everything they do and they advocate that it is important to develop a culture where it is just as important to feel sexual and non-sexualized. Entry is free to all events, except for workshops and guided tours that require prior registration via Pensão Amor’s Instagram. As for the dress code… Undress to Express is recommended to break taboos and celebrate individuality.


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