BonaDea 2.0 – The beauty revolution in 2024

The Bonadea Institute is a reference in the area of aesthetics and beauty in Oeiras, Lisbon. After 14 years, and with a history of successive achievements and successes, a new beauty concept emerges, “BonaDea 2.0”, focused on female empowerment and inner strength. Bruna Maia Barbosa, founder of the brand, is the face of this new page that promises to revolutionize the world of aesthetics in 2024.

The Bonadea 2.0 concept emerged with the aim of elevating the posture of all women and making them masters of their destiny. Changing the way you look every day, combating beauty stereotypes and finding the comfort of “inhabiting your own skin” because it is important to like yourself when we look in the mirror.

For Bruna Maia Barbosa, “this new concept is about women who build, destroy and rebuild. Women who start, give up and start again, dreamy, confident, inspiring, elegant women with a well-designed smile on their faces. Women with fire in their eyes, who overcome personal, family and professional challenges. Women who believe and go after it, determined women, with their scars, but with the mark of victory”.

Over 14 years, the Bonadea Institute has had more than 153 thousand satisfied customers and a solid team of specialized professionals who provide more than 50 services available in the most varied areas and with innovative equipment: Beauty Care, Body Care, Laser Care, Hair Spa, Nail Spa and even Specialized Packs (with a focus on the longevity of treatments to achieve the desired objectives). On the brand’s official website, customers can find out the complete list of treatments and their price list or schedule a face-to-face visit to carry out a personalized diagnosis adapted to their needs.

The Bonadea 2.0 concept also represents the commitment to the best products and brands on the market, which is also a priority. This is the evolution that aims to unite all values and services with the mission of creating the largest movement of empowered and accomplished women in the country.


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