OH,Val – Eternal Feminine

OH,Val is a brand that was born in Athens, Greece, by the creative Val Vasiliki who for more than a decade has worked in high rhythm environments.

At the age of 33 she decided to create something innovative and founded her own company, putting an interjection in front of her name. This is how OH,Val was born, a brand that is synonymous with elegance, good taste, fine cut and delicate attention to detail where each piece is unique: dresses, coats, skirts, tops, among other pieces.

This is the world that defines this universe where we all travel, a world full of inspiration, colors and a sense of femininity. Travel is a constant in Val Vasiliki’s life and also a source of inspiration that serves as a backdrop to the suggestive photographic images that illustrate her versatile collections.

OH,Val is the representation of several stories that are also the starting point for us to create our own travel universe.

By Carla Branco

INFO: https://ohval.world

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