Jeya Daï – Raw & Organic

Jeya Daï is a brand that focuses on exclusivity and contributes to the greater good through a strong sustainable approach.

The Dutch Debbie Jongejan, founder of Jeya Daï, creates personalized moodboards where different colors and materials can be combined according to our taste.

Pieces made with natural organic materials, which adapt freely to each silhouette – dresses, kimonos, skirts or sari tops – with colors that dazzle and unfold in various shapes. They are pieces that make us feel light and elegant, a feeling of comfort that is also very versatile.

Jeya Daï uses responsible and reliable suppliers where each product is carefully crafted to reduce our footprint on Earth, in a conscious exchange of energy with all those who contribute and we also want to do our part.

By Carla Branco


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